Dark cloudy sky? You’ll still stay dry

For anyone who loves being out in the open, free to easily see the world around them but doesn’t enjoy getting sunburned or soaked, there is a solution! A canopy for your tree house may be for you!

The Power to Do More
Tree house canopies can offer a very versatile experience compared to an enclosed house with roof. Price wise, they are much more economical than building an actual roof and require much less work, saving you the back strain and risk of doing it yourself or the labor costs if done professionally. They still offer great protection from the elements or, if having plenty of sunlight is desired, they can be easily removed and stored for later use. Classy tree house canopy Canopies go hand in hand with open decks, allowing you to see everything nature has to offer above you when the weather is compliant and dry when it’s not.

A Tree House Tent?
Yep, you heard right. If you’re a lover of camping and tree houses, there is an option for you with these tree house tents made by Dutch designer Dré Wapenaar. With the ability to sleep a family of four, these tents aren’t really a tree house accessory, they are the tree house! Perfectly for those with terribly itchy feet and live life out of a RV. My question is how you would get the family in and out of there in a reasonable fashion?