Climbing Cargo Net

Fighting against gravity has never been so fun

What extreme climber would be found without a climbing net? Video games may provide good hand eye coordination but climbing nets require the whole body get involved, furnish an excellent dose of synchronization, strength, agility and dexterity.

When you combine a tree house and a genuine rope net, something magical happens. A euphoria of wonderment of having two of the coolest things come together is enough to make even the most secluded hermit say, “Thank God for the great outdoors.” So go out, get some fresh air and burn off a bit of that extra energy on the literal interpretation of “action filled”, the climbing net

Go get em’
Cargo nets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From less than 3 feet wide to encompassing around half the tree house, there’s nearly an unlimited array of possibilities. Different companies will offer different types of stitching and mesh size openings. I recommend at least 8″ for climbing purposes. Anchoring your climbing net into the ground will save a lot of headaches. Without one, the climbing net will sway with your weight and make it very difficult to climb. It’s a really good idea to invest in synthetic manila rope if you want your climbing net to last more than a few years. Make sure you put down some mulch in case of any falls. See the safety page for for more safety hints!

Let your imagination run cargo!
They say it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters. That’s good advice, but it also applies to cargo nets too! Who wants a plain ol’ boring straight path up to your tree house when you can make it extreme. Time for some social climbing fananza! Put two nets in and require the transfer over two the second one to complete the path. Put the net through a tree or group of trees and see who can reach the top first. Feel the manila push up against your body as you climb ever higher and higher until you reach the top and up into the crows nest. What a great view, you did it!