Lookout – Crow’s Nest

I can see for miles and miles

Ahoy matey, thar she blows!! Arghhh! Quickly, man the sails and aim straight aheard, or you’ll be swabin the poop deck or walking the plank, scallywags!\

“Aye Aye Captain!”

Everyone agrees tree houses are pretty cool. Man made structures are supposed to rest on the ground, not reside in the trees. If you have one, you’ve already made a statement against conventional thinking, so why not take it to the next level. Give your tree house a tree house! Crow’s nests are for the adventure seekers who want to climb even higher and reach new apexes. Plus they give you a great view of your neighbor’s pool!

Static space elevator
Crow’s nests aren’t so much an accessory as they are an extension of your tree house. You can’t just slap and nail these things on without a thought.  They require a lot of the same care, time and methods that a normal tree house needs. If you ask a child what their favorite part about trees are, many will answer how they love scrambling up as high as the tree will support them, maybe even further. What better way to complement those little hairy chops for the wooded tip-tops than with a crow’s nest? Think of them as a vintage car emblem for a tree house. Even from far away, you can tell this is a classic and quality edifice for the ages. A timber apogee if you will. And boy do they make a excellent hiding spot when you and your friends are in a heated match of capture the flag.

An accessory’s best friend
It’s no doubt, crow’s nest are a ton of fun. The view, the elevation and the sway off the tree make it a very exciting experience. But if you have the yard, it could also be the starting point of a very riveting and hair triggering zip-line excursion, with the needed height to blast you through the wooded canopy and over that big backyard lake! Telescopes, pirate wheels and mayday bells are great little features you can add for even more enjoyment. Don’t forget the rope ladder and trap door to climb up and sneak up inside. For more simple accessories, check out the games & extras page!