You shall not pass… older brother!

Don’t you just love waiting? I personally find nothing more exciting than idling sitting at the 17th consistent red light on my way to work or joyfully watching a 100 car train creep by all the while knowing there is an important meeting I should have been at 10 minutes ago. But the most delightfully galvanizing road blockade is the drawbridge. What type of intense thumb twiddling action can we master today while the upcoming road is made asunder to allow our community garbage to pass through on boat? If these kinds of things blow your mind, first put down the coffee and incorporate it into your tree house! Now it’s your turn to make others wait. You have the keys, you have the power.

Mom, can you dig us out a moat?
Having a drawbridge on a tree house is quite a rare occurrence. Unless your tree house tree is on a steep hill, adjacent structure or have the time to build a draw-stairwell, there simply is nothing to bridge across. Yet, while adults may view it as something else that could break, kids will fall in love at first sight.

For the do it yourselfers, just watch the video below to see just how simple it is go get a basic drawbridge added to your kids tree house. For something more complicated that involves pulleys, heavy materials and counterweights, consider hiring a tree house builder to aid you in your quest.