Tree House Electric Hookup

Now we can watch Nick in the backyard!

Some people might say that putting electricity in a tree house goes entirely against the whole principle and philosophy of outdoor living and play. That a tree house provides the opportunity for man to escape the technological entrapments of our modern day society, become one with nature and pursue the path to true enlightenment. Well I say, whatever dude! If I wanted enlightenment, I’d flick on a light switch. Give me my air conditioning, plasma HDTV, microwave to cook some hot pockets and outdoor lighting so I actually see what I’m doing and where I’m going. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

A Powerhouse Among the Branches
Having a electric connection in your 2nd home among the trees is a must if you desire to have modern conveniences, in working order that is, when in the great outdoors.  From a elaborate treetop bed and breakfast to a solar flood light when making midnight trips back to the house, electricity makes everything an accessibility. Batteries are expensive, short lived, toxic to the environment and a poor alternative. Even the hard core workers to gamers can appreciate the essentiality of a electrical junction. Maybe even a cable or Ethernet one as well. Don’t forget to really outdo the neighbors with some sweet Christmas lights!

From House to Tree House
Putting electricity in your tree house isn’t much different than putting it a normal home. If you follow the same codes and standards of modern construction, you’ll ensure that your tree house is safe.  If you only plan on using power every once in a while to charge your laptop, running a extension cord up into the tree may work fine, but for anything more serious, proper electrical installing should be used. Power can be diverted to a tree house in three different means:

1. Through the air: Running the wires above the ground will keep them from getting damaged by ground hazards and protect the tree root system, giving your tree the longest life possible. However they are susceptible to falling branches and are visually unappealing.

2. Over the ground: Running the wire over the ground requires the least work and doesn’t have the dilemma of being the ugly floating line in the sky. Temporary and easy to clean up, make sure to put away before mowing the lawn or backyard soccer game.

3. Under the ground: Running the wire under the ground requires the most work upfront, but once your finished, that’s it. Forget about it. Watch out for tree roots when digging.

It’s your responsibility to see if permits are required beforehand when performing any major electrical work. In many townships, running the feed to a outlet and plug on the tree house is a possible way to avoid getting a permit, as it is “temporary”.

Solar Power POWER!
If the prospect of digging, stringing and installing wire, conduit, outlets, switches and lights is too much, there are other options. For simple tree house illumination, solar light kits are available to light your way through think and thin. Solar post caps also make a excellent addition to your porch, giving you a little light when the stars are out to say hello. My personal favorite solar addition is the hanging solar light garden. A very cool way to light up the inside branches of the tree.