Fill your tree house with a a touch of home

You’ve been waiting for this all month. You and you’re significant other snuggle closer, relaxing as the sun’s dipping down behind the horizon. You pour another glass of wine for both of you while they look on, a smile across their face, sinking deeper into the cushion. “Wasn’t this a great idea”, you say. “It’s perfect.” The two glasses tink and you both enjoy the delicious taste as the sun is fully enveloped by the earth’s distant fringe.

A Romance Among the Trees
The above scenario could have happened anywhere. But what made it really special was it took place in your tree house. Though many think of them as kid stuff, there are few things more sensual and amorous then your treetop escape from the routine. Adult tree houses have a spark of romance that few other places can match. Yet without the proper furniture, none of this would be possible. Just imagine relaxing and reading a novel in your favorite rocking chair or listening to the crickets sing while laying in that comfy bed high up and away from everything else. Whether your style is luxurious or rustic, the furniture you put in your tree house will bestow a level of satisfaction undiscovered until now. From coffee tables to vintage metal wall stars , let your ideas be seen! Go ahead, bring a bit of home with you when you need to escape.

Quality Leisure Time
Though technology has made some things more simple, it often leads to more stress. Bed and breakfasts have known for a long time how people adore the fanciful yet simple old-world furnishings and atmosphere when looking to get away. Furniture adds the comfort into your tree house experience Less is more. I would suggest you take this to heart when laying out your tree house. Here are some quaint ideas:

Find a few antique shops near you to get some inklings and maybe a discover a few hidden gems you’ll fall in love with. Craft and unpainted furniture stores have some great treasures that give you the control to paint or stain them to perfectly match the finished interior. Wood Stoves, candle chandeliers and lanterns not only provide heat and light but character too, an essential for the outdoor sports enthusiast. Shadow boxes, sconces, woven baskets, and barn stars are favorites among those seeking a tranquil rustic atmosphere.Fill er’ up! Going to my tree house is almost therapeutic in nature and my wife and I look forward to it whenever we have the chance. Take your time when thinking about your decor options, this is your escape from everything else.

Don’t Forget the Kiddies!

Kids need a place to sit and sleep too. While their attention may be divided more toward the toys they bring up, they’re going to need some children appropriate furnishings. Besides little chairs and sleeping bags, picnic tables are the most favored furnishing kids love to have in their tree house. They provide an area to eat, color and do homework. Often picnic tables and benches can be built into the tree house, giving them a sense of belonging and the tree house more character.