Gang Plank

Finally, my ship has come in

Walking along a gang plank represents an undertaking of a journey. Used on large ships to load and unload cargo and people, it’s the last thing you’ll be on before your trip across the long stretching sea. But this time, your tree house is vessel for discovery. Who knows what’s over that horizon. So clamor up through the gang plank everybody and allow the adventure unfold.

Let the fun begin
Gang planks are a fairly easy install for lower platform tree houses. Their construction is very similar to stairs, though instead of treads, you can install decking or plywood on-top of the stringers. Gang planks can be hard to climb on wet days even if the slope isn’t too steep. tree house ramp Installing rungs can be a great way to maintain foot traction. Adding a thicker, manila rope will also aid in the walk up. Excellent for any nautical themed tree and club house.

Gang planks also help the tree’s health by keeping the foot traffic far from the base of the tree.