Interior Finish

Who says the just the outside should look presentable?

There’s something to be said for the rustic feel of open construction when among the trees, but a finished display has it’s place as well. For the more up scale tree house or year round outdoor office, a finished interior gives you the tranquility of home in your tree residence.

Home away from home
An interior finish makes the most sense if you’re planing on insulating the tree house for year round usage. If drywall is to be used, make sure that water has no way of making it inside. Water can fish it’s way in through the opening around the tree trunk and branches coming up through the roof.  Using a rubber tube or trash bag with silicone can stop most if not all leakage in this manner. Make sure to use Green board drywall to help prevent mold from forming from the humidity.

Aside from drywall, wood and tile can also be used to enhance your tree house interior. Having a wooden finish in your tree house will bring you that much closer to nature and help you relax that much more. Aside from it’s beauty, wooden interiors are very durable and will last for a long time, no painting required.  Tile also looks great, but should mainly be used in commercial grade tree house. Aside from being heavy, tree house’s experience a lot of movement that could cause tile to crack.