Monkey Bars

The other playground classic

Look over there! It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s …a monkey? No, it’s your kids having the time of their life with that new set of monkey bars on their tree house. Look at them, they just can’t wait to go swinging, climbing and frolicking on that crazy, suspended rail-road track in the sky. Monkey bars, everyone’s favorite obstacle course challenge is here, making a fun and stimulating addition that every child can’t wait to esc-APE to!

Swing away
Today’s kids think everything that’s old can’t be cool, so don’t tell them that monkey bars have been around for almost 100 years, feeding bananas to kids imaginations long before they (or even their grandparents) were ever around. With all the moving about to and fro and fun your kids are going to have with a set of monkey bars, you’ll won’t be able to keep up. They provide a great deal of cardiovascular and upper body exercise as well as coordination and balance. I remember my playground days when we would bet each other who could skip the most bars at once and finish first. Yours truly always prevailed over the rest, of course. Monkey bars are the other playground classic that have entertained children for generations, no one should be left without one for their tree house.

Not just for monkeys
Monkey bars aren’t the only type of monkeying around kids can do with their tree house. Monkey rings, trapezes and shimmy bars are other awesome extensions you can use to have a monkeying good time! Monkey bars also make an excellent gantry for even more swinging action! And if you can dig a hole, set concrete and swing a hammer, you can put a sweet set of all of these in yourself for not too much cash. I know what you’re going to say, “Hey Chris, a monkey could do that.” You’re right, so don’t be a chump chimp and put on of these babies in today!