Net Tunnel

I see light ahead… and the ground 20 feet down

So you want more exciting options to get to your tree house or from platform to platform than just the standard bridge scheme. Net tunnels provide all the fun and adventure of a climbing net without the fear of falling off to the ground far below. Usually only challenge courses and fast-food places have the luxury of having them, but for not too much, there are options that’ll work for your tree house. You’ll be in for a netastic time!

Look at me ma!
Don’t ask me why, but kids love finding their way through rather tight spaces. Net tunnels share the same spirit of classics like corn mazes and the small forts we made out of our parents couch couching.Net tunnel across the ground They are excellent at providing a safe yet exciting challenge even us adults can enjoy. The thrill of gripping that rope, pulling yourself forward while seeing the ground far below with nothing between you and it besides some manila. Exhilarating to say the least. And coupled with net tunneling is cheaper than bridging, they are great for those smaller platforms.

Nifty net nabbing tips
Make sure you use climbing grade netting when you make your purchase. For the best hold, tie the net to the openings every three inches. This will make your net durable and achieve the less than 4 inch space requirement for construction code. This may require drilling holes to allow your tying string a place to grab hold of. Don’t forget to purchase synthetic manila rope so your tunnel lasts more than just a few short years. Net tunnel across the ground

There’s not too many retailers who sell net tunnels on-line, and when they do it can be close to or over $1,000. In my experience, the best place to purchase a great net is Tree House Supplies’s netting page. They sell it in 1×12′ increments and is very comfortable on the hands at a good price. The net tunnel shown on the right was made using their 2″ square netting and worked out fantastically. If you have any net tunnel projects, send me off an email and I may put it in a home project page!