Rock Climbing Wall

First the yard, then the Himalayas

Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?
“Because it’s there”

– George Mallory

Rock climbing is the absolute epitome of adventure, loved university by people of all ages and cultures. Though it may be tough, you feel an amazing sense of accomplishment and liberation when you finally reach the top. All of the fears and doubts you have about yourself seem a bit smaller from that point on. Wouldn’t it be great if you could incorporate that, even if on a smaller scale, into your tree house?

The thrill at home
Rock climbing walls can be made out of all kinds of things but plywood is your best beat for a smaller project. Remember to treat the plywood with a paint, stain or polyurethane to keep it from rotting.  Depending on the level of challenge you want, you can space the rock climbing rocks differently, placing them farther apart as your child gets older. Make sure to have a handle of place where you can grab the top of the wall to pull yourself up into the tree house. Using a rope without any climbing holds is a great variation to the climbing wall that is just, if not more fun!

Staying safe
Although it’s sad to say, not just any tree house can and should have a climbing wall. Assuming that you’re not going to go through the trouble of installing a harness, a rock climbing wall, for younger kids shouldn’t be any taller than 8′ and 12′ for the older ones..Home made climbing wall fun! Please use your own digression, but it’s at this point where a tumble can go from a few scrapes and bruises to something much more serious. Adding a thick manila rope could help younger kids by allowing them to grab onto something extra when needed. The angle of the climbing wall is important safety factor too. A steeper wall will be more challenging but will provide less of a chance for children to fall back on too the wall or climbing rock. From my experience, I would not install a wall at more than 15º without explaining the dangers to the parents first. And without a doubt, make sure to put down wood chips, mulch or other soft surface variance around the whole base of the climbing wall. Check out the safety page for more ideas. Don’t forget to watch the video below for some more climbing inspiration!