Tight Ropes & Slack Lines

A young Nik Wallenda in the making

During my later high school days, the cool kids had the hemp shark-tooth necklaces, Live strong wristbands, bleached hair and their own hookah. But there was one Joe who had all of that and much more. He was always riding the line of being overly ostentatious, but his effortless docility and passive attitude allowed him to never over do it, making him the coolest dude I’ve ever met. One of his unique skills was his proficiency for balance. He was a master of the backyard slack line. All hail.

A balanced life is a happy life.
Tight ropes are an excellent and relatively safe way to allow your child to have a blast, and after they learn the ropes ( pun intended) feel like they really mastered something; kinda like when they first learned to ride a bike.

Slack lining is also very inexpensive for the fun that it provides. A 70′ line can be had for less than $70!

Slack lining is also has a very rich history of styles, competition and world records. Did you know that the highest traveled slack line was over 3,000′ in the air, and the longest was over 1,600′? There is even such a thing as Yoga slack lining. Talk about pushing the human body to it’s limits. Are you ready to allow your kid to become a slacker?