Clear the runway, we’re coming in for a landing

If there was anything that caused the largest line in the school yard playground, it was definitely the tallest slide we had. No one cared that our rumps got burned every time we went down on those hot days or if the teachers blew the end of recess whistles. We would still clamber and scramble our way to the top just so we could have a jolly time giving the low friction surface a run for it’s money.

One size does not fit all
When it comes to slides, you have many different options to choose from. Some of your options include:
tunnel slide from tree house

What you ultimately decided to put into your tree house can depend on many different decisions. For higher tree houses that naturally impose a greater safety risk, an enclosed design may be appropriate. Enclosed designs prevent children from falling off and give parents piece of mind. However, they are more expensive and much more difficult to install that an open design. Make sure you have at least one helper when putting one in yourself.

Single piece slides are cheap and easy to install but usually are only for tree houses belonging to younger kids, with 7 feet being the general limit in height. If your tree house falls into this category, you can also choose from wavy or rippled slides to add a bit more fun on the way down.

With multiple piece slides, your imagination…or budget is the limit. They come in the open and enclosed designs, can be built as long as you need and are fully customizable. Very handy if you don’t want the slide to take up too much of the lawn. Keep in mind that most enclosed slides come in multiple pieces.

Keep em busy
The more entrance and exit points a child has with their tree house, the more time they’re going to spend playing in it. Adding a fire-pole, rope ladder or zip-line are just a few of the great ideas to start! It really doesn’t matter what kind of slide you decide get, kids love going in circles and slides provide a great and fun outlet to the ground below, just to start the process over again. So bring a bit of old school fun to your tree house, get a slide.