Rope Swings in Trees

The playground classic

No decent play-set would be found without at least one swing ready to entertain the next kid (or big kid) to come around, so why not have one for your tree house? From the high flying single rope, traditional double rope or the ageless tire swing, there’s an option for very size and type of tree house.

Single Rope Swing
Although single rope swings don’t attach to your tree house, they make a fantastic compliment to one as well as the rest of your yard. Single ropes provide the most height, speed and excitation over the rest and just begs to be ridden every time it’s seen. They consist of one seat, usually circular, and rope knotted or looped to a over hanging branch. Rope swings can be any length but the range for a backyard set-up are usually between 10 to 80 feet. The longer it is, the higher and faster it’s going to ride.

Make sure you know what type of limb you’re attaching your swing too. If you don’t see any leaves while the rest of the tree is in full bloom, you have yourself a dead branch which could snap at any time. Though different trees vary in strength, I recommend attaching your swing to a branch with at least a 4” girth. Double Rope Tree Swing You also want to install the rope in a way that will not interfere with future tree growth, otherwise that branch will lose circulation and die. What I found to work best is tying a bowline knot on one end and have the rope loop through. This method causes almost no rubbing and eliminates the need to climb up to the branch. Because rope swings can move in a 360° circumference, make sure to place them far enough away from the tree and other obstacles. If you have more of a relaxed type of mind set, swing chairs are a very comfortable and peaceful alternative.

Double Rope Swing
Swings consisting of two ropes have been around forever. They are standard equipment that comes with every residential play set and commercial play ground. These type of swings are very cost effective for the enjoyment you’ll receive form them and a snap to install right below your tree house. Usually found in pairs, double rope swings are a great social attraction and childhood favorite.

Double rope swings can be made out of a number of different materials. Vinyl is able to withstand the elements very well, though the wide & stiff, wooden swings are more aesthetically pleasing and better for adults to ride as their hips don’t get sucked into the seat as they do with the soft-seats. Lower tree houses can use a standard gantry to attach swings. Don’t forget that hammocks and porch swings are also included in this category as well. Perfect for those lazy Sunday evenings.

Infant & Toddler Swings
Don’t forget to include the youngest members of your family in your tree house swinging experience! Bucket toddler swings are the safest and most durable of types of swings for the little ones. They’ll be guaranteed to have a blast!

Tire Swing
Ah yes, the much beloved tire swing. I’ve spent many recesses in my youth having the time of my life on these. Tire swings act very much like a single rope swing but can fit in much tighter places and hold two of your friends during the entire enterprise.

Call me a purist but when most stores say they sell tire swings, they really mean they sell circular plastic discs molded to look like a tire. I much rather go green and prefer a real tire that was once on a car or truck. There’s just something about having a genuine tire that brings a sense of authenticity, channeling those childhood memories back into view. All in all, tire swings are a great fun and if there’s anything that empty space under your tree house needs, it’s one of these, ready for whatever adventure your kids can think of.