Tools for Building a Tree house

No More Nice Harry Homeowner

Drill and Saw Kit
Having a cordless drill and saw will make your time working on your treehouse much more convenient. Dragging out the 100 extension cord just to a minor adjustment could be viewed as a life lesson in industrious living, but really, it’s just a pain. Don’t be caught with this kit!


12v Impact Driver
Hands down, this is the tool I use the most out of every other. When it comes to screwing down anything, this thing will go 10x faster than a drill set-up A major time saver.


Torpedo Level
These things are so very convenient. Take them everywhere you go and make sure everything is both level and plumb. There’ll be no stopping your orderly tree house chops with one of these babies!


Zip Line Tensioning Kit
If your zip line cable is thicker than 1/4″ or longer than 150′, you may want to consider using one of our pull kits to stretch the cable from one anchor to the other. zip-line