Trap Door

A folding door in your tree house floor

First you see it, then you don’t. Is that nosy parent coming up those front stairs again, invading your privacy just to say something stupid like, “how are you doing?” or “having fun?” Quick! Everyone down the trap door hatch! They’ll think we were inside the whole time and go away. Man, if our parents were this clever, we’d be in trouble.

The quick getaway
Whether you’re an adult or kid, there’s something charming and fun about having an inconspicuous exit that matches it’s surroundings. It just feels like you have an one up on the system with your little cunning contraption that only you know exists. Watch out world! Never saw this one coming did you, haha! Besides providing a sense of friskiness, trapdoors also help with maximizing the floor space in your tree house, giving you as much room as possible to do whatever you want. Plus, trapdoors are a relatively easy install with little carpentry experience required. Definitely worth it.

Tips and bits
The #1 concern some parents have with trapdoors are pinched fingers. Granted, if you’re going to build a door people are running and jumping on, it’s gotta be strong and that causes weight. The best way to prevent a heavy door from slamming down is to use a spring hinge or counterweight system. For more weighty doors, a counterweight is more precise and durable but can be a bit more bulky. Spring hinges are the simple fix for lighter doors and can be purchased at your local hardware store. Tree house Entrance Door If you want to add one to your current tree house, make sure you add the proper amount of structural lumber before cutting the opening.

Indeed, trapdoors a neat little accessory that’ll make any tree house a little more fun. Add a rope ladder with your trapdoor to score another point on the coolness chart. You or your kids will be thanking me.